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UnblockYouTube.xyz is our new YouTube Proxy site for users to unblock YouTube on the Go. We support a number of devices from the Iphone, Tablets, Desktops anything with access to the internet. No application install is required, simple to use just type YouTube.com in the url form or use our quick link buttons.UnblockYouTube.xyz a free web proxy site that acts as a video proxy enabling users to unblock YouTube and other video sites for free. Our sites enable users to unblock common sites bypassing web filters and firewalls at school, college, or at work. We enable our users to unblock popular websites like YouTube, with Vevo Support, other sites like Facebook for free. We have optimized Unblock YouTube proxy to enable all videos to play correctly, most other proxy sites only a small number of the videos work via their YouTube proxy sites. We like to stay a head of the curve by testing our sites daily to make sure everything is working as expect with great speed.

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Our Proxy network uses the latest php proxy scripts and hardware that enables all our of proxy sites to work with the greatest speed and highest capacity rate for all of our users, meaning no long buffering of videos we use dedicated 1GB connections to ensure our users have no bandwidth issues when watching videos via our Proxy Sites. Our Video Proxy sites are always optimized that enables users to Watch YouTube Videos in HQ quality so you can kick back and watch your favourite music videos or keep up with the latest viral videos in great HD quality without worrying about finding another unblock source.

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Our YouTube proxy unblocks all videos available on YouTube, most other proxy sites don't even support Vevo Videos so we offer the best and latest unblocking technology for all to use for free. Yes we do have two adverts on the front page but that's it, it just helps to pay for the hardware and dedicated 1GB links which aren't cheap. Most users looking to unblock YouTube do so because either the School, college or work place seem to block the site for unknown reasons, but you have to look no further our proxy sites enables user to unblock YouTube securely and with great speed

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Unblock any YouTube from anywhere, no more being restricted by country, watch any video you wish ad free via our free site. YouTube seems to be one of the most blocked video platforms on the internet but that can change by using our site to unblock any website you wish to visit, we know users are fed up of being unable to access certain content just because of the country to reside in but with UnblockYoutube.xyz you can say goodbye to those silly restrictions. Please remember if you love using our free service please pass the information on to your friends.

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UnblockYouTube.xyz is a free proxy tool to unblock blocked websites and unblock video sites all of our web proxys fully support video sites. We test these regularly to make sure our users have all services to hand when using our proxy sites. You can use all of our web proxys on desktop, Tablet, or mobile devices so you can watch videos on the Go.Unfortunately some places also block Facebook many schools and colleges do block social media sites and it can be very hard to find methods of getting around these blocks, due to the web filters or firewalls they put in place, but again no fear we are here to enable you to unblock Facebook too.


We want to prove to the world that our proxy network is one of the best, we have number of sites around 20 that are continuing to grow daily we enjoy the challenge and enjoy enabling users to unblock the required sites. For us safety is very importing keeping our sites secure and the keeping your privacy is out number one priority, so all of our sites are secured with trusted SSL certificates this enables our site to encrypt any traffic from you to our proxy sites and from our proxy sites to the origin server that you request via our proxy server. This enables users to bypass web filters and firewalls securely and without any body being able to see what you do. A proxy server is a hosted solution in the cloud that enables users to request websites via this, basically when you request a site via our url form by typing www.example.com this tells our proxy server to go get the webpage for you and return it encrypted this means the website only ever will see the proxy server, thus enabling privacy and security for you. I guess the easiest way of explain a proxy site or proxy server to any of our users would be we are the middle man, we sit in the middle of the request to enable you the user to hide behind us, this is also the case for if you wish to download files via our proxy site, the requested file is always pulled via our proxy site. The best part about our proxy sites? No software to install so it's easy for all users to just load our website and get going straight away, no sign up, no membership just free easy access to the internet how the internet around the world was meant to be for all users. So what you waiting for start browsing today and enjoy being anonymous, bypass those restrictive web filters.